World of dating bbc three

04 Jan

For some young Muslims, the cultural sensitivities around pre-marital relationships and alcohol makes it tricky to throw yourself out there.Then there’s finding the right match for you – is your faith a fundamental religion, or more a cultural concern?

Having said all this, if you put the anachronisms to one side, the first episode was both entertaining and gripping.Obviously, some changes were necessary; there was a distinct lack of helmet-mounted cameras and You Tube videos between the years of 19.The result – Our World War (BBC Three, Thursday) – was a reconstruction of real-life events, using actors and special effects, rather than archive footage as a window into the events themselves. When making a fact-based drama about a real war, a number of moral quandaries pose themselves.If they’re going to meet up they have a chaperone with them as well. Not too much, anyway.” As some choose to decline arranged marriages, there are other ways to meet other eligible bachelors – including specialist dating services.“This is the problem,” says 30 year-old Nayera, who’s on the lookout for a husband at a dating event.My suspicions over the show’s spontaneity were aroused as the latest episode turned out to be very much sculpted around two different stories – the search for Wales’s best call centre voice and the search to find a date for “unlucky-in-love” George.The first of these felt forced and the fact that Save Britain Money won the contest with the dulcet tones of saleswoman Heledd, a resting actress who had appeared in Welsh soap Pobol y Cwm, felt too convenient.Set in London, the films focus on people questioning their identity and changing their perceptions in the wake of some chance encounters.While the stories can be watched as standalone stories, they also intertwine and work well as part of the series.“You’ve got these two cultures, and trying to find the common ground between them can be a discussion you need to have, I think.” Will a match-making event for Muslims help her find someone she connects with on a personal and faith-based level?BBC THREE are continuing to create fresh, ground-breaking content, and this time they’ve got the help of Idris Elba to do so.