Windows xp security event log not updating

04 Feb

but the machine is not currently connected to a UPS and the errors keep occurring. Image files stored on the computer will no longer open in Paint, Picture It, Picassa or Jasc Photoshop. I have been able, however, to retrieve the files by attaching the hard drive as a slave on another machine and using Picassa.

I'm not sure if or how these errors are related but it would appear to be an OS problem, possibly corrupted files.

Archived from groups:,microsoft.public.windowsxp.security_admin (More info?

Event Viewer is also an invaluable diagnosing tool when programs do not work as expected.

Applications created with Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) can log security events (either success, failure, or both) with the auditing feature.

The events are written to the Windows system event log and can be examined using the Event Viewer.

The three choices include: Default, Application, and Security.

When you specify Default, the actual log depends on which system you are using and whether the system supports writing to the security log.