Who is audrina patridge dating june 2016 8 simple rules dating my daughter wiki

21 Feb

They were wed at a botanical garden overlooking the ocean in front of 100 of their closest friends and family members.The couple's daughter Kirra, who was born in June, also played a part in the ceremony; the little one wore a white dress and matching headband as Audrina and Corey held her at the altar.I finally figured out what to get Corey for Christmas!#babyontheway #Clearblue Confirmed #ad (new blog post up with the exciting news!When the cameras were off, I was a complete gentleman — opening doors and going to the movies and cuddling. Then I usually do jujitsu for about an hour and a half, then I eat salmon. "It was just like, 'No, you're not hanging out with Spencer now because I don't have Brody, let's get back to the club' …Then I go home, ice my old man knees, watch Apple TV, and tweet, because I don't have any actual friends to talk to. It [was] a hard balance and they just didn't show any of this.As a female, it’s only natural that I pack more than enough clothes, beauty essentials, and accessories to last the entire trip. I try to pack solid colors and pieces that can be layered.

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Of course, this led to a number of comments from fans who couldn't be happier for the couple.

I was a little worried about people judging me for it, but Corey wasn't," Patridge shared. Their opinions don't matter.' Anyway, we've already been together for so long, it's like we're already married.

It's just a title at this point — and a ring."See More: The Most Adorable Proposals We've Ever Seen On the topic of honeymoons, the bride-to-be noted that she would most likely take her new little one along, saying, "If we take a honeymoon, we're definitely bringing [our daughter] — and my little sister, so she can watch the baby while we go out to dinner or snorkel." She continued: "I'm so lucky I'm so close to my family.

If we were doing a really big wedding, I'd invite them, but we're keeping it intimate." She shared that she and her BMX-riding beau finalized their guest list of about 130 people, most of which are family.

"As far as friends go, we only invited the ones who've been there for us in the past year and who will continue to be there for us for the next 30," she said. (Let's just hope Lauren Conrad is wearing waterproof mascara this time.)The actual wedding is allegedly happening in November, since the 31-year-old is pretty much ready to pop (or may have eaten a burrito, we're not sure).