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27 Jan

For those devices, we're looking at doing image based updates, basically generating new images on the server side with the usual tools (debootstrap, apt, dpkg), then generate deltas between those images and have the client pull the delta and apply it without ever actually dealing with packages.

The server, client and upgrader wiki pages try to be target-agnostic and so generally refer to "system partition", "user data" and "upgrader partition".This suite contains 'debdelta-upgrade', that downloads deltas and use them to create all Debian packages needed for an 'apt-get upgrade'. The server generates deltas by looking at the current state of the archives and at the state before (precisely, up to 40snapshots before, ~10days) and it generates all deltas needed to upgrade.It also (daily) deletes all deltas that would upgrade to a package version that is not present in the archive any more, and all deltas older than 50 days.Google will do a version check, then send out a patch that merges changes the developer made with the files you already have. Sure, we'll save a little bit of bandwidth by only downloading parts of a big file, but the really big downloads (think game assets) are usually hosted elsewhere and installed after the app is loaded the first time.Besides the obvious -- the new background image itself -- there may be changes to some of the code, or in the manifest file, so you'll get a delta update that copies the new image to the apk file, erases the old, and merges those code changes in. Every byte saved counts though, especially if you don't have unlimited data.Of course this is worse for performance, peak storage consumption (think large files), possibly fragmentation...)...--inplace [...] This option is useful for transferring large files with block-based changes or appended data, and also on systems that are disk bound, not network bound.debdelta is an application suite designed to compute changes between Debian packages.These changes (that we will call 'deltas') are similar to the output of the "diff" program in that they may be used to store and transmit only the changes between Debian packages. The source is made available using There is a server that generates deltas for upgrades of packages in the Debian repository archives.To try and keep things simple as possible, let's use an imaginary app called .If you already have Cool Widget installed on your phone or tablet, and the developer makes a change that gives it a new background, you won't have to download the whole thing.