Updating virtualcenter what to expect when dating an aries man

25 Jan

Now you download the ISO image from VMware, mount the ISO, and browse the ISO.

For Windows, under the vcsa-ui-installer win32 directory there is an file that you run with VCSA 6.5.

With VMware releasing v Sphere 6.5 in November there should be an increased desire for IT shops to start seriously thinking about moving on from there existing v Sphere versions and upgrading to the latest 6.5 release however many people I know where still running v Sphere 5.5, so the jump to 6.5 directly might not be possible due to internal policies or other business reasons.

One task was to remove the manual effort to create and assign the Roles and Permissions within v Center.

I extracted the code but couldn’t actually get it going due a syntax error message which I didn’t understand (I admit I’m a novice at scripting).

Yes that’s not a typo…this post is focusing on upgrading Windows v Center 5.5 to 6.0 via an in-place upgrade.

There is the option to use the v Sphere 6.0 Update2M build with the included Migrate to VCSA tool to achieve this and move away from Windows, but I thought it was worth documenting my experiences with a mature v Center that’s at version 5.5 Update 2 and upgrade that to 6.0 Update 2.