Updating track lighting

24 May

Lights can be placed anywhere along the track and directed in a variety of angles.

Track lighting is great for calling attention to a specific workspace, piece of artwork, doorway or architectural detail.

Many of our retrofit lighting kits come with extended warranties to ensure long-lasting performance.

If you have any questions, our team of lighting experts would be happy to assist you in finding the right lighting solution for your location and lighting needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us so one of our lighting specialists can assist you with your lighting project. will make sure you find the right fixture at the right price!

Voltage As with most home lighting, there are two basic types of track lighting systems: line voltage and low voltage.For both the metal halides and the HPS lighting fixture in most cases can be retrofitted with your choice of induction bulbs and drivers or an LED panel with a high output driver.In the cases of fluorescent T12's there are choices of T8's, T5's, T5ho's or LED retrofit light bulbs.Choose wet location fixtures for areas where the moisture level is high enough to ruin standard fixtures or hazardous area fixtures for spaces where chemical vapors are prevalent.If you’re looking to save some money, shop our selection of used fixtures or retrofit kits, which are perfect for updating your existing lamps and making them more efficient and more functional.When retrofitting to the LED T8 Lamps there are 3 choices at this time: With our wide selection of retrofit lighting kits, you can easily make the necessary adjustments to existing lighting.Choose from induction, LED, strip lighting, troffer lighting, and more.Line-voltage systems use the standard electrical wires and current in the home, which provides 120 volts to the fixtures.These type of track lighting installations tend to use incandescent spot lights or flood lights and have the largest light fixtures.Halo Track System (HT) The HT system is known as 3-wire single circuit systems and is the most popular track system on the market today.HT compatible system is available at most home improvement centers.