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29 Mar

CFN is not a website for starters, which is a massive point of difference.

Maybe you want to share your progress with someone without them having to load up the game? What they've done with the subreddit flare is cool too.

This will rebuild/refresh/update your ini files and clean up any potential conflicts.

I resorted to Cura to update the Firmware and ran the recalibration.

I edited the file hoping the alterations would be reflected in the animations but I was incorrect.

Please let me know if there is any way for me to alter a list file once it is placed in Synfig. Hello, I created a lst file to animate a some raster images.

First, rename and move your my documents/xcom2/xcomgame/config folder to a safe location as a backup.

Second, start the game using the Steam launcher, with LW2 and any mods enabled.