Updating local policy with regedit Adult chat no accounts

04 Jan

When you set a connection as “metered,” Windows 10 won’t automatically download updates on it.Windows 10 will automatically set certain types of connections — cellular data connections, for example — as metered.This will upgrade the Office apps, such as Word and Excel, from the Office 2013 version to the Office 2016 version.

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If you deployed the Office 2013 version of Office 365 Pro Plus to the users in your organization, then you need to be aware of an upgrade coming from Microsoft.

To disable it at a Group Policy level, perform the following steps: Rebooting my antivirus server every update was a risky proposition. Any other box and I wouldnt give it a second thought.

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I want to stop stuff from the corporate network from overwriting the hacks I make locally. Your system administrator will know if you disable group policy completely.

On top of that, many administrators use GPOs to deploy and manage software.