Updating inbox

26 Jan

It would be helpful to have a message (like in i OS Mail app) that says when my inbox was last updated.When I login to my email inbox, there is no spinning wheel or other hourglass to tell me that the app is actually updating my inbox. Sometimes I have to wait a minute or two before the new ones show up.The second one, however, is not being updated don't mather what I do.It updated when the account was setup and, cinse then, it didn't update again. We have the following setup: Big Hyper-V machine hosting the servers as VM's VM for CAS: WEB. XXX.local Servers are running Server 2008 R2 with Exchange 2010 SP1 Clients are all running Windows 7 Pro x64 with Outlook 2010 x64 The problem we're having is that nobody is able to see any emails received today (16th of October), but they are able to send externally.When I reply back to the email received externally, I don't get an NDR, yet the user cannot see my email.First open exchange EMC and see that the databases are mounted.Also open the exchange queue viewer under toolbox in EMC. Also dumb thing to check, is there enough space left in your drives for exchange?

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-Why would the users own mailbox and one managers calendar not update as opposed to the 5gb or other mailboxes/calendars?

Test all email clients or just a few, and we’ll deliver the results in Preview Mode.

Inbox Preview also includes a color blind view, so you can see how your campaign should appear to color blind subscribers.

I check the appropriate inbox in the mail box list and try to activate the get mail button but nothing seens to work.

What should I do to have both accounts updated when I open the mail app, similar to the way it works in IOS application? Actualy, as unlikely as it could be, I have found that opening mail from the Applications folder does not cause thiis issue, but oppening it from the doc does it.