Updating forklift licence queensland

03 Mar

From the 1st of January 2015 everyone undertaking nationally recognised training in Australia must have a unique student identifier.During our course enrolment process you will be asked to provide a USI.Licensees should ensure that they are using either the free form available from the Fair Trading website (above) or new forms sold by suppliers in booklets.Approved forms are identical to the Fair Trading form.In rare circumstances you may need to speak directly with the government to provide further details. (For more detail, see our FAQ section on USI) Century Group trading as Arrow Training Services (Arrow) RTO# 6127 is responsible for the quality of the training and assessment that you will receive.Online RSA is responsible for delivering the training and assessment via the online e Learning Portal in accordance with Arrow's requirements.If you are under 18 years of age when you apply, we will process your application and send your card to the customer service centre where you submitted your application.

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Improve your resume by upgrading to one of our employment enhancing bundles on sale today!Category A Step 2: Sign the applicant's declaration in the presence of an authorised person.The authorised person will check the two documents you have provided as proof of identity and then complete and sign the 'Authorised person's declaration'.Complete the 'Application for a Proof of Age card' form.Step 1: Fill in the applicant's details section of the form.If you have signed up for e-reminders, we will email you when your adult proof of age card is posted to the customer service centre.Customers who already hold an adult proof of age card can apply for a free address label to attach to the back of their card either online or by phoning 13 23 80 or by visiting a transport and motoring customer service centre.A list of persons who can witness the applicant's declaration, as prescribed in section 107 A(1) of the , is provided in the form.Step 3: View a full list of approved photo point agencies.Top of page Start filling out the licensee copy, and the details will also appear in the duplicate forms to be provided to Fair Trading, the consumer, and to the network operator or gas supplier.The new form can be used by both gasfitters and autogas mechanics.