Updating firmware on ps3

08 Jan

But as the times went by many admins (as well as myself) had to live our lives and we could no longer keep updating our newer Mods/hacks etc for the systems, So why not shut the site down? Together, we can help fix the system Donations here are for legal defense ONLY I checked with my lawyers before setting this up If you have another substantial way to donate aside from money, let me know tl;dr Sony is lame, and is suing me for hacking MY OWN PS3.

We want to keep it open for all the people who many come across the site and get help from the many post giving help on everything from ...(Well read above) Luckily our Awesome Owner (Smdepot) has kept the site running and giving us so much over the years... Help me own them in court Sony are bullies Sony doesn't care if what you did was legal, if they don't like it, they sue.

10th 2017 (See below for full D-REX EDITION features) REX COBRA 7.5 EDITION – INSTALL ON CEX PS3 SYSTEM REBUG 4.81.2 REX EDITION – Jan.In (Sony v Bleem), Bleem was the winner on all counts, but the high cost of a legal defense shut them down.Fortunately, that suit helped set precedent on the legality of emulators.16th 2016 (See below for full D-REX EDITION features) REX COBRA 7.31 EDITION – INSTALL ON CEX PS3 SYSTEM REBUG 4.81.1 REX EDITION – Dec.16th 2016 (See below for full REX EDITION features) What’s new since 4.80.1 […] LATEST REBUG FIRMWARE BUILDS D-REX COBRA 7.3 EDITION – INSTALL ON DEX PS3 SYSTEM REBUG 4.80.1 D-REX EDITION – May. we don't update all that much as we all have our own lives to live and we just don't have the time to keep up-to-date on mods/hacks. Now, George Hotz is asking for the community for help in his battle against SCEA. Even though George Hotz stays head strong, he is being drained monetarily wise, and is in jeopardy of losing this fight because of the lack of the ability to play the legal bills.If asked for administration permissions, click on Finally, we can now launch the Remote Play by using the patched exe file we copied: rmp_.This will launch the Remote Play software and in turn the initial pairing wizard.INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR WINDOWS BASED OPERATING SYSTEMS: Download the file by clicking on the [PC DOWNLOAD] button. Follow the step-by-step instructions in the ASTRO Command Center software.Connect your Mix Amp Pro TR to your computer via USB, Make sure your Mix Amp is in PC mode – one solid white ring around the power button.