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13 Jul

Adam decided to go ahead and remove all the cracked grout and replace it.He said it was for the betterment of the tub, I think he just likes destroying things. I am not as concerned about time as I am about cost. Your faux finish ideas sound really creative:smileyhappy: but you do have an option of taking out the tiles..if it is too much of rearranging, $$$, and demolition work as you say, let's jump in the saddle for painting your tiles..includes your grout too! Painting over your tiles is definitely one of the best ways to inexpensively update your bathroom.“It really depends on what your long-term goals are,” says Bath Crashers contractor Ryan Prosser, owner of Prosser Construction in Plymouth, Minnesota.“Repainting tile yourself is not a project that will improve your home’s resale value.” Some meticulous homeowners can do an adequate job, Prosser says, but he can always spot a DIY fix vs. “Obviously, I’m a bath contractor and I would love to come and rip out your tile,” Prosser says, “but I’m a big believer in saving your money until you can do what you want.

Plus I figured solid white would be an improvement over the blue, gray and swirlies. We didn’t really have any caulk, but what we did have was cracked, chipping, and missing in grout in the corners and edges.

In our paint department, we sell primers that can stick to high sheen surfaces without sanding.

Painting ceramic tiles or any hard non-porous surface can be done without the use of sanding, even with high gloss surfaces.

Now he always wears safety glasses, because he’s cheap and a pair of safety glasses is much more budget friendly than an emergency room visit. Here is the official before picture, after a few hours of work.

I want to update my bathroom as inexpensively as possible. We sell a few primers that will work, but the best for your application would be Cover-Stain by Zinsser.