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15 Jul

The regulatory bodies governing the securities industry aren’t exactly known for keeping up with the trends.With the dramatic rise of social media over the past decade or so, this has created a problem for many financial advisors trying to communicate with potential and existing clients without violating any advertising, solicitation, or other rules established by FINRA or the Securities and Exchange Commission.In 19, FINRA stated and then reaffirmed that a financial advisor’s participation in a chat room (and by extension social media) is subject to the same requirements as a presentation in person before a group of investors.

She can sense the Pyrenees in a minerally bottle of Spanish Garnacha Blanca or divine the difference between an Austrian and an Australian Riesling. For example, she describes the sommelier at a popular celebrity-owned restaurant as “a fucking moron who has no palate for wine at all and will sell you anything fucking expensive.“ While such profanity may seem crass or mean-spirited, from her the expletives are somehow winning.

Nothing alike, no where near the same success, no where near the same longevity, no where near the same influence on other bands.

Luckily, for The Black Keys, success, longevity and influence have no bearing on which band actually rocks harder or which band is actually better.

There is no agreed way of transliterating Amharic into Roman characters.

The Amharic examples in the sections below use one system that is common, though not universal, among linguists specialising in Ethiopian Semitic languages.