Trend officescan clients not updating Free membership sex chatroom sites

19 Jul

I don’t know how this happens but for some reason I end up spending quite a bit of my time trying to get Trend solutions to work.

And most of the time it’s in a scenario that hasn’t been covered in the knowledge base articles.

The University does not have a central license for cloud use, but departments are free to purchase Trend for their cloud deployments as needed.

Analyzing the security of security software is one of my favorite research areas: it is always ironic to see software originally meant to protect your systems open a gaping door for the attackers.

DNLs interested in creating their own instances of Office Scan should submit a ticket to the EITS Help Desk.I have checked the add/remove programs and no Trend products are listed.There are no Trend folders on the C: drive, but still the installer tells me that Office Scan is already installed.The issues are logic and/or cryptographic flaws, not standard memory corruption issues.As such, they are not trivial to fix or even decide if they are in fact vulnerabilities.It is an old XP machine that is having this problem, and it is scheduled for replacement, but having no AV on a machine is making my boss very angry.There are other machines that I did this on that it worked fine, just this one specific machine.Earlier this year I stumbled upon the Office Scan security suite by Trend Micro, a probably lesser known host protection solution (AV) still used at some interesting networks.Since this software looked quite complex (big attack surface) I decided to take a closer look at it.I recently installed patch patch 11.1 (1639) on my Office Scan Server, all my 32 Bit clients updated automatically to the new version. PS: Does anybody know future plans regarding the official TM forum (since there isn't one anymore)?