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14 Apr

Enter the initials used by Krause Publications’ Standard Catalog of World Coins.The most common catalog initials are KM, but C, Y, MB and others are used, depending on the series.First issued in 1944, during World War II, it was also struck in 19. The coin is always popular with coin collectors and elephant lovers.Belgian Congo Ruanda-Urundi was an administrative unit that was made up of the three territories that Belgium controlled in Africa.

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The theme of these coins artistically is the lotus pattern on both the front and back.

The obverse (front) is a Lotus surrounded by the 8 Auspicious symbols of Buddhism.

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- Weight varies: 5.00-5.60 grams - Obverse: Sun and moon above date arch with 3 dots above date - Reverse: “N” has six dots - Note: It is believed that this type was struck in the 1840.