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24 Jul

After much trial-and-error, Keima managed to get past the scene where Sora shows the player her sketchbook but found another bug after that.She's the main character of a game that Keima played called "Yokkyun", which according to Keima had only sold 200 copies.She's the main heroine of the game "Crayon" also known as the game that defeats the gamers. The reason why the game were been called to defeat every gamer is because of the bug that cause many loops in the game.The game she starred in had a bug that caused various scenes to continue in an infinite loop.Create your own character, build structures, hang out in different realistic worlds, go shopping, and much more.In one of the biggest virtual worlds for teens, you can socialize, meet lots of new friends and chat with the ones you currently have.It does get the dating-game roots right, with nice dialogues and tolerable artstyle.

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Shells are used for money in Purra therefore collecting shells is a good idea or you can always work to earn even more cash.

Dating SIM Academy Game requires girls to interact with the creatures in Purra in order to collect points so make sure you chat to as many creatures as you can.

We don't want to leave this wonderful fantasy place do we?

No, we want to find love and romance plus make a special wish under the silvery moon, while making friends with all kinds of wonderous creatures.