Tegan dating

01 May

The model's hair was in a cute half-up do with a fun yellow bauble holding her pony tail in place.

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English version of the name Tadhg, meaning 'poet' and 'philosopher'.

“It can be hard as I’ve been here (in Sydney) for all of like 15 days this year so it is hard to keep a connection,” she explained.

“But you know, we’ve got Skype, that does the job but it isn’t quite as intimate.”As for the 38-year-old's relationship status, Kris had confessed that he hoped to rekindle things with his former flame Maddy King, but she has had no presence on his active social media.

Tegan Martin and Kris Smith were voted out of the jungle just days apart, and it seems the friendly pair were keen to catch up and debrief back home in Sydney.

The attractive twosome caught up for a coffee at the upscale Indigo cafe in Double Bay in Sydney on Monday, taking outdoor seats on what was a spectacular sunny summery day.