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15 Jan

If you have yet to use the Galactic Trade Network (GTN) in SWTOR, you might not realize yet that it is not an Auction House.Those who come from Wo W or similar MMORPGs may be used to the auction house format but Bio Ware has done something different with the GTN.You could be anybody, like some hot **** star, going at it.

But in SWTOR, I was not as excited about the whole process.

As we did with the PS4, we’ve created a list of five pros and cons to upgrading to the Xbox One, based on pre-release info from Microsoft.

Pros While the PS4 is a game console that doubles as an entertainment hub, the Xbox One is set up as an entertainment hub that can play video games.

Connect your cable or satellite signal to the Xbox One, and the console will handle TV programming, including adding NFL extras to augment live games.

You can do two things at once with side-by-side pictures, such as having a video chat using integrated Skype while you watch a streaming movie.