Sparkcom the dating articles

01 Aug

Initially launched in 2001, Christian is the largest and fastest growing online community of Christian singles.The site serves singles who are looking to date and marry within the Christian faith.

In addition to bringing together Christian singles, this site also fosters an online community where members can share their faith and values in a like-minded environment.

The Market Brew search engine model defaults to this, but as a user you can change the click-through rates if you want to model an alternative scenario.

However, for this scenario, we will go with the published findings.

We put to the test to see how it rewards those who spend time using its services. Here’s why — we sent out 150 emails to several hot ladies that we found on the site.

The results are below, and they’re definitely not pretty. They were hot by their profile pictures, anyway; some of them were just bits of coding typed up into a chatbot program, but more on that later.