Smooth radio 50 plus dating

07 May

Digital radio was launched by all commercial and public service broadcasters in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth in August 2009.

A collection of smooth soul/jazz/funk/R&b/Old school grooves that will truly bring joy to the hearts of music lovers worldwide!

Stay tune for music clips, videos & more details coming soon! UK Based radio station Love Music Radio Just added Ty Causey to their distinguished artists website. He will be releasing one of his best if not the best full length CD projects to date!

Take a moment to view Music, Videos and read Bio's from some of the best independent artists globally. "Cause & Effect" is the name and Smooth Jazzy Soulful music is the game! And that voice." - Deborah Kennedy For more of the review go to : WHATZ UP!

It is another artistic step forward for one of the more dependable male singers of our time.

Recommended." - Howard Dukes For more of this great review click the logo Ty Causey is featured vocalist on the hot new single, “Sent From Heaven” off the debut CD, IN THE COOL OF DAY, from the very talented guitarist, Tracy Naylor.