Simpson dating tony

09 May

Simpson was rumored to have hooked up with the Maroon 5 frontman in 2004, while she was still married to Lachey.

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The NFL Dallas Cowboys player ended their relationship the night before Simpson's 29th birthday in July 2009 after nearly two years of dating.Her third studio album, In This Skin (2003), became her most successful album to date; it sold over seven million copies worldwide.The album was aided in part due to the success of the single "With You" (2003), which topped the Mainstream Top 40 chart.Even Jessica Simpson has met her match in Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo‘s new fiance, Candice Crawford.The 24-year-old Texas native is gorgeous, talented and about to be married to one of the hottest pro-football players in the country — talk about the perfect life! The episode was met with a mixed to negative response from television critics, with much criticism going to the cultural references and the main storyline. The episode featured a guest appearance from Joe Mantegna, as well as several recurring voice actors and actresses for the series.Selma is greeted by Fat Tony at the DMV, much to her discontent.Meanwhile, Bart acquires an ability to trace the location of truffles, which leads Lisa to attest to her growing greed for eating truffles.This episode was written by Dick Blasucci, and directed by Lance Kramer.But in addition to the bluesman, Simpson has done well for herself after she split from first husband Nick Lachey.Since her reality show with the former boy bander, Simpson has dated a number of high profile athletes and musicians.