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04 Mar

Over the past two decades he’s been keen to shun the limelight, after his attempts at forging various new careers came to nothing after Wham! Shortly after the band split, he briefly moved to Monaco to pursue a career in Formula Three motor racing before trying his hand as an actor in LA.He moved back to the UK permanently in 1990 and released a solo album Son of Albert, which was both a critical and commercial failure.However, in the same year his personal life took a turn for the better when he started dating his long-term friend Bananarama’s Keren Woodward.In 1991 he joined George on stage for his encore at the Rock in Rio event at the Maracanã Stadium in Brazil, marking a distinct end to his public appearances.Since then he’s shunned the limelight, quitting London for good in 1994 to move to a 15th century Cornish farm house with Woodward and her son Tom.Despite his lack of commercial success, Ridgeley has been able to live comfortably thanks to the royalties of George Michael’s first solo hit Careless Whisper, earning a reported £10 million since 1982."Compared to what was happening with Martin, it was nothing huge. "But at the time, it felt like everything was going wrong." With Martin - today a huge hit as East Enders bad boy Steve Owen - unable to continue his acting career, they were forced to reorganise their finances radically. It made me realise the money we'd wasted before." It was yet another dramatic turnaround for Shirlie whose life had already fundamentally changed since Martin's surgery in 1995. Suddenly, it was the other way round." Shirlie, 38, is speaking for the first time about the terror and upheaval that followed her discovery of a bump on Martin's head as she lovingly cradled him in a LA hotel room.The couple and their two young children moved from their home on Hampstead Heath to a smaller place in Muswell Hill. Though his ordeal served to strengthen the deep love they held for each other, it did change the nature of their relationship. For the past five years, she has refused to talk about how she cared for and comforted him while making sure that son Roman, seven, and 11-year-old daughter Harley carried on their carefree lives.

But I really did, because although she looked quite tomboyish, she had this strong feminine streak: she's very warm and there's quite a vulnerable side to her. Then "Goodbye Stranger" made it into the Top Five in April/May the same year. I was 26; I'd met Martin when I was 20 and just knew I would be with him. And we had a lot of problems with management and things, too., best friends with George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley and dating Martin, bass guitarist with Spandau Ballet. "When Harley was born, I was so in love with her that nothing else seemed important." Shirlie and Martin were happy and a second baby followed.Not bad for a council estate girl from Bushey, Herts. Then came the discovery of the brain tumours in 1995.They were panic attacks." SHIRLIE'S story begins in the Eighties, when the then Shirlie Holliman was dubbed "the most envied girl in Britain".At 22, she was living every girl's dream - singing with Wham!I started to explore more spiritual things in my 40s such as shamanism and rebirthing. If there is one book I would suggest every woman should read, it’s You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay.I have always been a strong visualiser and could see that I needed to be creative again. Don’t be put off going to the gym – you need to look after yourself ! A friend gave it to me to read when my husband Martin was ill will a brain tumour. You Can Heal Your Life really helped to look at my life differently and cope mentally.However, the bond they shared has remained solid over the course of three decades, thanks largely to their mutual friendship with George, and the way the singer impacted on their lives – from ensuring Andrew was financially stable to introducing Shirlie to her husband Martin Kemp.It’s a testament to the enduring bond between the two men that Ridgeley, 54, appeared on stage last night to pay tribute to his former bandmate and childhood friend.surprisingly Shirlie didn’t set out to have a musical career – in fact Shirlie had wanted to work with horses and was training to be a riding instructor when at the age of 17 she developed terrible hayfever- putting an end to her equestrian dreams.But as one door closed another opened…as Shirlie explains: “ Just as was having to rethink what I could do for a living my two friends George (Michael) and Andrew (Ridgely) were just starting to get serious about their music. It was all about timing and happened quite naturally. When the kids were small I had a passion for photos and was always getting them to dress up and pose as Victorian children in the woods, adding wings to their outfits to create magical photos – of course as they got older they were less keen to oblige!