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27 Feb

San Antonio Polyamory is a group for polyamorous, polysexual, and polyfidelous people in the greater San Antonio area.This meet-up primary purpose is the open, honest discussion of issues relating to polyamory choices, trials, triumphs, legal matters, opposition, support, networking, social events, etc.Additionally, some of these domestic violence-related offenses carry greater penalties if they occur between people who are in family or dating relationships.Domestic violence is a hot topic issue throughout the country right now, and accusations should be taken seriously. At Goldstein, Goldstein, Hilley & Orr, our attorneys have significant experience in dealing with difficult cases.Any courtroom lawyer will tell you that young children are among the most difficult witnesses to put on the stand.Their stories can shift over time, they easily contradict themselves during cross-examination, and though they can swear to tell “the whole truth and nothing but the truth,” it is not always clear they understand what that means.During the teen years so many girls begin to pull away from even the most loving parents wanting to establish their own identities and make their own decisions.When coaching teens I serve as their personal "cheerleader" and mentor, teaching them to weigh their choices and actively choose the kind of women they hope to become.

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This support network and meet-up IS FOR ALL GENDERS AND SEXUAL ORIENTATIONS.I am a Teen Girl Life Coach, helping girls discover who they are, what they want from life, and how to reach their goals.I help girls struggling with low self-esteem, family relations, friendship making/social skills, time management/study skills, dating/sex, and future plans and goal setting.Non-poly people are welcome to learn and join in the conversation.This is NOT a free s*x or swinger club meet-up group.Nowhere is this problem trickier than in a case of sexual abuse where the child is the only victim and witness, a dynamic that took full form during the so-called satanic abuse cases in the 1980s and 1990s.These cases may have faded in the collective memory, but from California to Texas to New York, communities were roiled by sensational tales of animal sacrifices, murders of babies, and violent orgies that children were sworn to keep secret by powerful cabals of day care workers.We have been representing defendants in criminal matters for 40 years in San Antonio and throughout Texas.We are prepared to fight your domestic violence accusations and represent you in any other related matters, such as protective order hearings.If you’ve been accused of any type of abuse against a family member or person you are dating, immediately call us at 210-226-1463.Our attorneys understand the sensitivity of your situation and will handle your case with utmost importance. Affinity includes people with whom the accused is in a relationship by marriage.