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27 May

Broke his neck in five places while horseback riding in Iceland underneath an active volcano after the wind picked he and the horse up off the ground and blew them off the road.He was required to wear a neck brace for three and a half months and maintains that the experience has taught him to cherish every day.Senator Don Meredith has been referred to the ethics officer after a report of an alleged inappropriate sexual affair with a young woman, which prompted his removal from the Conservative caucus.(CBC) The Senate's ethics watchdog has found that Independent Senator Don Meredith breached the Red Chamber's ethics code by engaging in an inappropriate sexual relationship with a young woman that started when she was 16 years old.Ricard referred the matter to Ottawa Police chief Charles Bordeleau in September 2015 because she believed the senator may have committed a Criminal Code offence.Months later, in January 2016, the police ended their investigation and said they were not laying any charges, at which point Ricard resumed her inquiry.The SCA is the governing body of the school and provides leadership opportunities for those involved.

"Senator Meredith drew upon his weight, prestige and notability of his office, as well as his relative position of power as a much older adult, to lure or attract Ms.

[2011, on Where the Day Takes You (1991)] My first pedophilic role. I worked with dear [director] Mark Rocco, who also has passed away now, way too young.

And he also cast me later in Murder in the First (1995), another crime of opportunity, because Oliver Stone didn't show up to do a stunt-casting role they had had for him in the movie, "Murder in the First"....

Fifth Harmony debuts their first single since becoming a quartet on “Good Morning America’s” Summer Concert series with Gucci Mane.

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