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In 4th year (early 1989), I hooked it up to my Net account (on the node IRLEARN on EARN/BITNET), so that when I was logged off (or to be precise, disconnected, from a VM/CMS system), it would process all talk messages sent to me.

There were numerous hilarious incidents, but this is the best one. I've logged out and gone off with my girlfriend, leaving Eliza (or "MGonz" as I called it) to mind the fort.

Launched in 2014 out of MIT’s Media Lab, Koko began as an invite-only social media network for enhancing emotional well-being, connecting users with problems to other users who might talk them through a tough situation.

Koko became a public i Phone app, and through a partnership with Kik, an emotional tune-up service you could reach at any time with a simple text, as well.

We expect to see e Bay use that data to simplify the purchase journey and return search results that are more likely to result in a sale.

The e-commerce marketplace is looking to AI and omnichannel to reinvigorate its business.

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e Bay is likely leveraging its recent acquisitions of AI companies in order to better categorize its massive inventory base and drive up conversion rates among its millions of global users.Analysing this information, she will recommend a series of different matches, with their profile image and basic information appearing in the Messenger conversation chain.If the user likes what they see, they can click on the picture which will take them to the Match app where they can view the profile in full.In 1995 I finally got around to setting up this page to tell everyone about it.MGonz is finally written up as a book chapter: Humphrys, Mark (2008), "How my program passed the Turing Test", Chapter 15 of Parsing the Turing Test: Philosophical and Methodological Issues in the Quest for the Thinking Computer, Robert Epstein, Gary Roberts and Grace Beber (eds.), Springer, 2008.e Bay is testing a chatbot shopping assistant on Facebook Messenger, called Shop Bot, reports Bloomberg.The chatbot is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that gathers information from questions it asks and users' Facebook profiles.This bot is just one of many that are arriving in Facebook's messenger app which were announced by Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook's annual F8 developer conference.The chatbot, launched by dating service, asks people for personal details such as their age, where they live and their sexual orientation in a casual way- all in Facebook Messenger.They’ve been eavesdropping, too, sorting out offensive content while learning how humans speak to one another through sensitive topics.Now, Koko services about 1,000 problems a day on Kik, and occasionally, the AI has grown smart enough to chime in before a human responder becomes available. “We’re working toward providing empathy as a service to any voice or messaging platform,” says cofounder Fraser Kelton.