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11 Aug

The relic, nicknamed Apiuna, was discovered deep inside a cave during an archaeological dig in Lagoa Santa, south east Brazil, some 50 years ago.It appears to confirm a decades old argument that Africans were the first colonisers of the Americas.Meanwhile, the second study suggests that the brain replays memories faster than they ...When you look at photos of faces, your brain is able to instantly identify the ones that you know and distinguish among those that you've never seen before.The findings suggest that women should smile with their teeth, men should avoid looking away from the camera, and no one should share a bathroom selfie.Data scientists from New York-based dating app, Hinge, analysed their members' photos to reveal which profile pictures get the most likes.In recent years, neuroscientists have begun to peek inside the brain's black box to understand how the brain is able to recognize and perceive ...Is it a case of nature versus nurture when it comes to two 'cousin' exoplanets?

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The team assigned 35 unique photo tags, such as smiling with or without teeth, to a random sample of 1,000 photos.

This allowed them to see which tags were associated with photos with lots of likes.

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