Rick ross and foxy brown dating

29 Jun

Now, if in 2006, someone had told us we’d be having a serious debate about Rick Ross’ catalog we’d probably just laugh.“You mean the guy who rhymes ‘Atlantic with Atlantic? Lyrically, it’s everything before “Mafia Music” and everything after.Celebrity Blogger Perez Hilton says that Hip Hop Weekly revealed to Perez exclusively that rappers Rick Ross and Foxy Brown are engaged.We were kind of shocked when we heard that Foxy Brown and Rick Ross were a couple.

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Although he’s certainly had his blunders along the way, the Teflon Don (another moniker he’s awarded himself, though that one is quite fitting) Ross built a formidable empire with this MMG imprint while creating an impressive musical catalog.

But Tink, petite in a tropical print sweater, jeans, and Doc Martens, moves forward, even stepping over a barrier installed precisely for the purpose of keeping people from getting too close.

When traffic cooperates, the Signature Room is roughly 40 minutes from the suburb where 19-year-old Tink—whose real name is Trinity Home—grew up. " she asks, in a voice that is the sonic equivalent of running your hand over impossibly soft velvet.

By this time her popularity was such that the record went straight to #1 -- the first time this had been accomplished by a female rap artist.

Caught up in the machinery of fame, Brown became the center of considerable gossip and controversy over the next couple of years, with a largely media-instigated feud between her and fellow rap artist (and childhood friend) Lil' Kim being brought to a steady boil.