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12 Apr

Check out old versions of this 2015 NFL Mock Draft in the archived mock draft section. *** Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Jameis Winston, QB, Florida State This selection is pretty much locked in.Barring something crazy happening over the next couple of days, the Buccaneers will be picking Jameis Winston.

Gordon just turned 26, but it's becoming harder by the day to imagine him ever being the player he was before the suspensions started rolling in.There have been rumors about Marcus Mariota possibly going No. Tampa Bay's front office and coaching staff prefers Winston over Mariota by a wide margin.One of the owners expressed concern about Winston's off-the-field issues, and those are very legitimate, but it's likely that everyone else in the organization assured her that Winston won't be a problem. We reported several months ago that Tampa was more than willing to move up for a signal-caller, but that's not necessary now that the Buccaneers own the top selection.The Brigadier continued to meet the Doctor when the latter's travels brought him to Earth and he helped many of his incarnations protect the planet.In fact, of the first thirteen incarnations of the Doctor, the Brigadier was documented meeting all of them but the Eleventh Doctor and the scarcely seen incarnation which fought in the Time War.After experiencing harsh pains in his back, Adam is diagnosed with schwannoma neurofibrosarcoma, a malignant tumor in his spine, and must undergo chemotherapy. After Adam reveals this, his overbearing mother, Diane, who nurses her Alzheimer's-stricken husband Richard, offers care for him but Adam rejects, as Rachael promised to this.However, she is "uncomfortable" during his treatments and is often late to pick him up since he doesn't drive.It's little more than a philosophical exercise right now, as Gordon is verging on Justin Blackmon territory.It could be a sign that Gordon isn't putting forth his best efforts to get back into the NFL despite applying for reinstatement in March.Meanwhile, Adam skeptically begins going to a young, inexperienced therapist, Katherine Mc Kay, a Ph D candidate doing the clinical aspect of her thesis at the hospital.Although their relationship and sessions begin unevenly, he slowly begins to open up to her.