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10 Aug

Joshua Stein gets to know the hustler "One of Jeremy's first stunts in May 2006 was to gather 100 women he'd met on J-Date, a Jewish dating website, at the Lower East Side bar Fat Baby.When the women showed—holding white roses to identify them to their potential date—they were instead met by the sinking realization that they had been stood up, and that they were all there for the same (nonexistent) guy. As for the girls themselves, he maintains they thought it was hilarious, and adds "they got a free glass of champagne." Jeremy needed a spolesman for the site, and he found one in Richard Nouveau.Only 20 though made the cut and will be on hand for the ladies to ogle.

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New York City has a new dating service and it’s all about the money.

Fashion Meets Finance clusterfuck—double as publicity stunts and are always overrun with press.

It works pretty well because 80% of us get all outraged by the idiocy of the idea, 10% actually attends the event, and the other 10% is press.

After a rather torrid turn of events, I've begun to reinvent myself (and career), which leaves me with good weeks and bad ones, golden months and occasional leaden ones.” accused Kerry, before quoting Carrie Bradshaw (or was it Socrates?

) saying, “All women are looking for labels or love.” But it isn’t just women, according to 24-year old Jose Montero, who works in marketing for Bloomingdale’s.