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06 Jan

Her VN Asphyxia focuses upon the unrequited love of Samuel Taylor Coleridge for William Wordsworth — reimagining the British Romantic poets as squabbling schoolgirls.)GX, or Gaymer X, is a “queer space”; a yearly convention in Santa Clara, California, where panels center on queer themes, but all are invited and welcomed.

As a proud media sponsor of Gaymer X, Unicorn Booty covers gaming issues of all sorts.

We will also give you our alpha and beta version of the game, so you can give us some feedback. As a special thanks, you will get a chance to add 1 new route with your own condition!

As a special thanks, you will get a chance to add 1 new route with your own condition! 00 New Route with CG (2 slots) Oh God, that's half of our initial goal!

It's a compilation of the visual assets used in Just Deserts. Ah, and your name will be added in the credits as a kickstarter backer. You will get a printed collector's book with more contents than digital art book, including sketches, unused artworks, concept arts, and even cosplay photo of the characters. Initially we can't make it because we need to have sooo many adjustment for this.

This time, you can also give us the details of the CG used for this route! $ 9500 Ok, You Can Play As Girl - Again, so many requests for this feature.

Warning: this post contains graphic sexual images that are not safe for work.

For veteran eroge lovers, the practice probably sounds familiar: in Japan, it's not uncommon for a raunchy game originally released on PC to get a censored, "all ages" version for consoles, which have stricter limits for what developers can and cannot show.

The money will go to our team members beside kickstarter fee and the rewards.

Here is the rough percentage for how the money will be split from the original funding goal: We are currently on alpha development, and will need 2-3 months from now to finish the game, including the polishing stage.

Instead, creator Togo Mito clearly wants you to abuse and degrade the male staff in a hideous cornucopia of sadistic mania that will leave you feeling ashamed, confused and possibly sticky.

Naked Butler is without any redeeming ethical value, but it’s admittedly fascinating.