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13 Feb

She had been echoing it into my hearing ever since I struggled to scape through UTME almost a year before, only God knows why she kept repeating something I already knew more than the National anthem.

Back to the matter, it was the first day on campus and the environment seemed like a reduced size and maintained population of Onitsha market.

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(a True Life Story) (1) (2) (3) (4) Bouncing out of my Dad’s transport machine with my Prada sandal and my supposed-fake versace round-neck vest, I had a sigh of relief after a very boring journey filled with the hiphop LESS jams of Ebenezer Obey and the warning notes of my Mum all which went a million miles East and North but still ended up pointing to the statement “Remember the son of whom you are”…

My background is in Engineering, but more precisely, my early background right out of college (2004) was in research and development aka Office engineering as I call it.

This meant that majority of my early days as an Engineer was spent in the office designing subsea/surface oil equipment on my computer that was to be used in the oil-field several thousand feet under the sea.

After treking for about 2 miles or more, I started hearing sounds of beaten drums from ecohing from a distant..

I immediately called on Uduak attention but Uduak ignored me.. "she asked with rudeness in her pitch"i've got no problems right now,,, Am only concerned about you..." I answered her while pointing my finger towards the direction where the school locates and Uduak slidely looked there."Prince,, we're dead today!