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01 May

Best known for playing father of the future, Kyle Reese, in around the age of eleven, and thinking (as I still do) that Reese was one of the most heroic and tragically romantic characters I’d ever seen, who also happened to be a dab hand with a shotgun.

His portrayal of Reese was followed not long after by his turn as Hicks, and that was all it took to cement his place in my hall of worship, as I set about finding any and every film he’d been in.

According to Wikipedia: Michael Biehn is an American actor perhaps best known for his roles in The Terminator, Aliens, The Abyss, Tombstone, and The Rock.

He also played Officer Randall Buttman on the Emmy-Award winning television series, Hill Street Blues.

Anyone who’s familiar with my writing will know that I have a great love of under-appreciated actors.

I’ll use any opportunity available to praise their work, and draw attention to films and performances that sometimes pass by relatively unnoticed.

Personally, I'm not surprised that, as always follows in the wake of any big movie announcement, the rumour mill has started to spin faster than fact.

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There were a couple of questions that I omitted on this occasion, including his potential casting as Peter Parker, back when Cameron was set to make a film adaptation of , but I was still given more of an insight into his working life than I could have ever asked for.He was extremely frank in conversation, and as you'll see below, has taken no involvement in the last two to his name. He also mentioned Linda Hamilton's name in the process, which led to the following conversation: Talking of Linda Hamilton, I interviewed her about this time last year and she'd obviously had to revisit Sarah Connor for was the last one they did? Okay, well, I was in a hotel room, so I didn't give it, really, probably a fair chance, because I didn't see it at the cinema, but first of all, I didn't see three. I watched about twenty-five minutes of it and everything was blowing up, there was all that CGI stuff, I didn't know who was who, Sam Worthington was walking around the desert and things were blowing up and people were running and the sound was so loud - explosions just everywhere. The longer version of the interview will follow in a day or two.They are out promoting their first independent film, THE VICTIM. The remarkable thing is they shot this movie in 12 days. Although he never achieved A-list status, he remained a staple of genre movies, often turning up as authority figures in later years, playing sheriffs in both the cult horror film "Cherry Falls" and in the '70s schlock film homage-to-end-all-homages, "Grindhouse," from filmmakers Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino.films inevitably arose, with Biehn being kind enough to humour us with his audition story through to his scepticism about initially becoming part of the first film. But I'd be incredibly surprised if years of disinterest from Michael Biehn could suddenly be brushed away, especially when new director, Justin Lin, is no more or less distinguished than Mc G or Jonathan Mostow were in Lin's position.A clean T-shirt and classic jeans (not the overdesigned styles that have been unfortunately popular lately) will be fine for almost all of L. If you want to go a bit nicer, just throw a black blazer on top. I kicked around in Hollywood a bunch, and I have seen and done some exciting things. Today I am more focused on my new projects and living in the present. A funny thought came to mind today: Doing this column is like going on a blind date. You end up rambling on about a lot of bullshit, and you never know if you’ll ever see the other person again …