Mccollough dating

20 May

The two behind the brand—who are known to go on glamorous inspiration trips around the world—are rumored to spend 51 weeks of the year together.When they're not in the city working on all things Proenza Schouler, they retreat to their quiet farm in the Berkshires On their college days at Parsons: "No one had ever done a thesis together.Should we put you in a soundproof booth and have each of you tell that story and see if they're the same? Mickey: There's the headline: PROENZA SCHOULER MEET IN THE BACK ROOM. Jack Mc Collough: I don't know if it would line up.

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For 13 years, Jack Mc Collough and Lazaro Hernandez have been innovators on the New York fashion scene with collections offering an equal mix of artsy chic and high-end craft.

We have hiked down to the pond nestled in the woodland surrounding their country retreat, a 1792 colonial farmhouse in the Berkshires in Massachusetts.

"He was pretty enormous," they say, like excitable fishermen exaggerating a catch, gesturing to almost head height.

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