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22 Jul

In case you’re interested, you’ll even get to see exactly where your paths crossed through a nifty map at the bottom of your crush’s profile.Thanks to happn, getting stuck in traffic isn’t so bad all of a sudden.Communication is always polite and public criticism as well as arguing are socially unacceptable.

For the maths exam we had 260 students in the hall.North American appliances will need an adaptor and a converter while dual-voltage appliances will simply require an adaptor.The unit of currency is the Philippine Peso (Ph P)." (more specifically of course) and usually that pops up a blog where someone kindly posted his/her instructions for making it work.So hopefully this will be a useful blog for technical nerd stuff at best.I also find myself perusing Planet Python via RSS on my lunch breaks these days.I always seem to find some useful python tidbit in there.A 10% tip is common even in restaurants with service charges.Manila is hot and humid with little variation throughout the year.“I would like to thank the Ministry and the Major Projects Office in the Public Works Department for their hard work and dedication to this project, and for ensuring it was completed on time and fulfilling the promises of this government,” Rivers said.“This gym will be a true asset to John Gray High School and to the Cayman Islands.