M audio profire lightbridge updating firmware

10 Apr

M-AUDIO Pro Fire Lightbridge drivers are tiny programs that enable your Firewire hardware to communicate with your operating system software.Maintaining updated M-AUDIO Pro Fire Lightbridge software prevents crashes and maximizes hardware and system performance.The firmware update went right through, and my beloved Project Mix is back to hard work.

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Came to install - followed the usual manual inlcuded advice of downloading the drivers etc before attaching the unit to the Mac. More Info (Mac) sees the unit but the supplied M-Audio Lightbridge Configurator App says it can't find any attached device.Recommendation: If you are inexperienced with updating M-AUDIO device drivers manually, we highly recommend downloading the M-AUDIO Pro Fire Lightbridge Driver Utility.This tool will download and update the correct M-AUDIO Pro Fire Lightbridge driver versions automatically, protecting you against installing the wrong Pro Fire Lightbridge drivers.I call M-Audio - their only response - 'oh yeah, a number customers have complained about this, you just have to give time' 'erm 45 mins for a firmware update is huge..define give it some time' 'well give it a long time' 'well how long is long' no response. I have unistall the drivers, reinstall the drivers, even revised back to 10.6.3 and reinstall drivers all to know avail. dozens and dozens of people have all had the same problem going back more than 18 months and they have all ended with them returning the unit either for refund or to get Avid to carry out the firmware update themselves.When i bootup the computer it will go into firmware update saying it will take 2 minutes but took about 2hours and the computer cannot locate m-audio hardware. the system tries the firmware update again and wont get passed it Which i Mac model is this?Do you have the Lightbridge connected directly to the i Mac? I know you said 'the latest', but can you give me the version number? Now if you can be so kind to help me on my other thread on how to save hardware settings on my 003R .- Restarted the Mac - Turned off the Mac - Hooked up the Lightbridge and turned it on - Started up the Mac - Went to go to System Preferences when I saw a flash window in the bottom right of the screen saying "Upgrading Profire Lightbridge Firmware. Turn on the computer, the power will go to the Lightbridge, power it up. I tried your suggestions (and about 20 other things, too) but it just refuses to work. I wonder why there's no mention whatsoever about this flashscreen in the install doucmention. I've tried on three different macs now -- two laptops and a desktop, and it's the same on all. Try the other guys approach and just let it go, as long as it takes to see.This may take up to two minutes." - Lights on the Lightbridge were going on and off like it was being accessed and updated. I got mine to work through a series of trials and errors. You will get the same screen again saying the Lightbridge is being updated. I've restarted this mac about 50 times now, and that's enough. All have 10.4.8, so I'm wondering if that's where the problem lies. I've come to condition myself in the world of computer based recording that patients is the key.So the unit is being shipped back to M-Audio today to get them to do the update, at my expense - as refund is no got asd I have purchased other items to be used in a configuration with this baby at the heart so a refund is out of the question for me. Has anyone else had this issue with the firmware update when they purchase the unit and did you get it to work?Trouble trouble trouble I'm trying to run a Profire Lightbridge on a PB G4. - Just received the Lightbridge today - Went to the M-Audio site and downloaded the latest driver and installed it. Shut the computer down; unplug the Firewire cable from computer and Lightbridge. Turn on the Lightbridge; no ac adapter needed its buss powered. Hello I use profire and want to comment that the driver takes muuuuch longer than 2 minutes. What's frustrating is that you won't be able to get anyone until Tuesday probably.