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Singer Ricky Martin perfected the art by not “coming out” one way or the other until later in his career (so he wouldn’t alienate either demographic and could benefit from the millions that both gay males and straight females funneled into his records and concerts).And now, British diver Tom Daley seems to be playing the ambivalence card by keeping alive rumors about both his sexuality and dating life.My whole freshman year and most of my sophomore, I was slowly starting to give up on my Olympic dreams, as they seemed unrealistic due to my injuries. What kept me going through those two and a half years of struggling was the idea of never giving up on your dreams, no matter how far they seem away. Twenty-one-year-old diver Kassidy Cook will compete in the 3-meter springboard competition at this summer's Olympic Games.Then in September the ran a story quoting Daley denying that he was gay: “I think it’s funny when people say I’m gay .

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Kara lives in San Deigo, Kylie lives in Houston, Kelsey lives in San Antonio, Kevin lives in Fort Lauderdale and Kendall goes to University of Texas in Austin. I would say that my main training music right now is the Led Zeppelin Pandora station. Not that I know him personally, but from what I can see from his interviews, he seems goofy and funny with a hint of rebel - which I like. I have different things that I collect from each movie, book or show. The doctors told my parents - but not me - I might not ever get the full range of motion that is necessary for diving.I'm number five in the mix so I've had a lot of siblings to look up to. My sister Kara dove for Purdue and my sister Kylie played soccer for the University of Houston. Around April 2013, things were looking up for me but then one day out of nowhere my shoulder began to dislocate. My older sisters were divers at the time so I was basically raised on the pool deck and as soon as I was old enough to jump off the boards, I did! My i Tunes ranges from bands like Led Zeppelin to Taylor Swift to Drake to Luke Bryan to Odesza. About three weeks after the 2012 Olympic trials - where at the ripe age of 17, I missed the qualifying to the Olympics by less than half a point - I tore my labrum."I've got a video on my phone, this summary of the event, and I watch it as motivation on those days I don't want to practice or I'm losing sight of my goals." 8.Since 2012, she's undergone two shoulder surgeries and knee surgery — literally rebounding from recovery to Olympic form in 18 months.Since achieving worldwide fame in his Bronze-medal winning turn at the 2012 Summer Olympics and becoming a one-man vertical on Buzzfeed ovenight, there have been abundant rumors about 19-year-old British diver Tom Daley’s sexuality. Daley had been previously linked to a few women (including U. diver Kassidy Cook), but had for the most part refrained from speaking out about his romantic life. It wouldn’t bother me in the slightest what people thought.”But now Daley has set the record straight (or, uh, not straight, as it were), in a You Tube video he posted on his channel this morning.For years, male celebrities have played with sexual ambivalence in order to capitalize on both the straight female and gay male markets.I went back to the doctor and got MRIs and discovered I needed to get a second surgery on my right shoulder in June 2013. What's your earliest memory of the Olympics in general? I was leaving for college in September, so I did rehab that whole summer and went off to Stanford. Plus jamming out and dancing to some of my favorite music, watching inspirational videos (is #Leave Your Legacy Stanford version) and I take an ice bath the night before every competition to make sure my legs are fresh. I remember Laura Wilkinson winning the Olympics in 2000! Ironically, her coach at the time is now my coach!!