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06 May

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Our special care and staff of dedicated, pet-loving employees ensures each and every guest enjoys their stay at Camp K9. To view photos of each room listed below you can check out our Pawparrazzi tab.

Be sure to check out our A La Carte services for more fun activities to make your pet's stay even more enjoyable!

SAT, June 10 Bad Bull Boss's 36th birthnight party called All Invited, Black and White Edition, at Bad Bull Studio, 24 Georges Lane. TUES, July 18 #Thick Life, Nude Edition, at Steve Madden Plaza. FRI, August 11 Ghetto ATI, at Stress Free Lawn, Ward Close. Featuring: Fire Biggs, Joe Bling, DJ Oshane, DJ Platinum, and DJ Briggi. SAT, August 26 Clean Money Fish Fry and After-Party, at Clubyard, Brooks Level Road, Stony Hill.

Every Friday and Saturday, reduced prices on all drinks, lots of giveaways and free tokens to play slots. Music by Stone Love, and Lex Zone (Fire Stick and Snipa Kid). Fri, June 23 Veneice presents Tats and Lollipops, Swimwear Edition, at 17 Studio One Boulevard. Old Harbour Swagg vs Bay Swagg, Fashion Edition, at Bling Bling HQ, Old Harbour Bay.