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24 Jul

For corrections and additions to episode details for specific shows, click through to the episode and submit corrections via the specific list provider: or Links to Shows Beginning with: , which also includes instructions on how to send us e-mail for corrections to menus or general show info. Diaz comes across as unpredictable – and that only can explain why she signed ‘The Counselor’ and ‘The Green Hornet’ (and many such ‘gems’). C’mon, they were all about an adrenalin-pumping girl gang – no serious acting was required for it! The name ‘Megan/Meagan’ and Hollywood are probably not perfect fits – since this pretty lady’s ambitions to make a mark at Hollywood have also fallen flat. The sad thing about Diaz is that, she has it in her to perform when she wants – and has as many as 4 nominations for the Golden Globe awards to show for it.

Surrounded by gyms and window tint shops, I forever bear the cross that is my New Jersey wife and until death do us part. Run far away and if by chance you happen upon the promising plains of Delaware County, PA, tell my sweet mother I love her, and I’ll probably see her this weekend. Gaining the clementine complexion of say a Snookie or a J-Wow takes serious time and effort. Though I’d describe it as a mix of “valley girl” with a splash of “Rocky.” A method I have devised to train my ears is to hold my nose while saying trash. The nasally intonation heard is often times associated with Jersey Girls. Sadly the state of NJ has beef with the left direction and requires its citizens to spin around these so-called “jug handles” like circus clowns whenever they want to veer off to the left. Their sophisticated processed meat palates can appreciate the even slightest nuances in various pork rolls—and if it’s not “Taylor” brand, then you’ve got a problem. If you’ve never been to a gym in NJ you need to stop what you’re doing and go.Granted they get really drunk and lose a bunch of your money playing roulette. Nothing pisses a NJ princess off worse than sharing the road with people from other states who, “come into their state and don’t know how to drive.” To her they are just in the way and taking up space at the beach, or as she calls it, “the shore.” Slow left lane drivers are the bane of NJ women’s existence. Even if she’s been doing a good job hiding her “Jerseyness” from you, this will definitely expose her.If you’re lucky she’ll show her true colors and break up with you on the spot for this. Mostly over men, yet sometimes over “trash-talk” as well. No NJ citizen can sit idle and listen to their state being spat upon.If she replies, “Fuck yeah, Dirty Jerz for life, bitch! ,” before slamming an alcoholic beverage containing Red Bull, then bolt. Matt is a writer and sometimes comedian and mixed-martial artist.All women with hair loss want to know “why don’t female celebrities have hair loss? Not many manage to star opposite Tom Cruise and yet deliver one of the biggest duds of recent times, but Diaz did that with ‘Knight And Day’. Signing absolute turkeys like ‘Meet Dave’ and ‘Good Deeds’ has not helped matters either.‘Knocked Up’ (2007) was only a flash in the pan, as far as Heigl’s – often referred to as a rom-com specialist – Hollywood forays are concerned. Good has dared to bare in her films, in social events and award ceremonies – and evidently believes that her, well, assets will do the talking in films.Things went steadily downwards, both with her choice of films and her performances, from then on. When her career started taking a nosedive, Good dabbled in horror flicks too (‘One Missed Call’, ‘Saw V’) – and no one noticed her in them either. Which means he talked about rumors...without REALLY talking about them.Find out his responses to the Keyshia Cole dating rumors inside...