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26 Feb

But lately he’s been getting a lot of ink on gossip pages, after he publicly slapped down a female companion who eagerly tweeted to the world that she had dined with the literary ladies’ man.PAGE SIX: RUSHDIE’S REVENGE FATWA No matter that she was easy on the eyes, and half his age.

Midnight’s Children regularly appears in lists of the 20th century’s greatest novels and sets the tone for much of the author’s later work.Despite denials from the writer’s people that there is any romance, Rushdie is claimed to have enjoyed several nights out with 28-year-old Nikki Milovanovic and she has hinted that they are now an item.The Canadian-born performer, whose brand of music has been described as “filthy pop”, and the Cambridge-educated writer would make an unlikely couple."Any woman who has heard him speak for five minutes would just melt," she says. I think he's very handsome, very beautiful and very sexy." Scroll down for more...This charm has ensured Rushdie, who will be 61 in June, has had no trouble enthralling a series of younger women.Wilde is the middle child, having an older sister, Chloe Cockburn, a civil rights attorney in New York, and a younger brother, Charlie.Wilde has said that as a result of her parents' occupations, she has a "strong journalistic streak" and is "really critical and analytical." Wilde's uncles, Alexander and Patrick Cockburn, also worked as journalists; her aunt, Sarah Caudwell, was a writer; her half-cousin, Stephanie Flanders, is a journalist; and her paternal grandfather, Claud Cockburn, was a novelist and journalist.The surprise cameo is left unexplained; as is Scarlett's unusually bookish choice of outfit, complete with oversized glasses. Perhaps the star of The Other Boleyn Girl is trying to impress Rushdie, author of The Satanic Verses, with her literary credentials.Judging by his expression in the video, however, he's just as happy appreciating her more obvious attributes.Throughout 2008, he showed up at various functions with Aimee Mullins (then 32, 5-foot-9, blond), Olivia Wilde (then 24, 5-foot-7, brunette) and Aita Ighodoro (then 25, 6 feet, black hair).He met Glenn (a brunette) at a dinner party in Los Angeles in 2007.