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20 Jan

From there you are asked about 10 more attributes about yourself before it is indicated that you should upload a photo.Once the profile process is complete (in about 2 minutes) you are brought to the homepage which is your default search page of members.Most of the site’s members live in the United States and are primarily young adults and college students.Datehookup went through a redesign in 2014 which gave the site a new look and greatly retooled and streamlined the features of the service which definitely makes this site more about finding a casual encounter than a compatible partner to date. You select what gender you are, what gender you are looking for and your location.All the features of this site suit to men & women & couples looking for couples who are seeking more fun.It is considered as one the most popular bisexual hookup sites suitable to the straight, the bi, gays, lesbians and bisexual couples.Craigslist casual encounters and Backpage personals are filled with nothing but fake ads where people in foreign countries collect email addresses so they can send you tons of spam, or its the Cops trying to lure you into a sting operation so they can bust you for solicitation, along with a whole list of other scams and situations that can leave you robbed or even beat up or dead.

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Do you feel like you’ve hit every club and bar in a 50 mile radius but there are no single people anywhere?

Couples hookup is something that you should not be ashamed of.

However, there are instances that people find it intimidating to use couples dating site.

Everyone's intentions are very clear while they're on The Cloud so there is no confusion about what anyone wants - and this is exactly how we help people get laid and get laid fast!

Our members aren't just flakes, full of themselves and only online to have guys hit on them; our members just want to have a good time, connect, and have sex and lots of it!