Invalidating query cache entries

06 Aug

It is enabled by default in Maria DB versions up to 10.1.6, but disabled starting with Maria DB 10.1.7 - if needed enable it by setting .

I haven't touched anything such as reseting query cache for the year that the game has been up, I'm working with about 5000-1million rows depending on the table.

Also, check INNODB STATUS for thread with this status reported. I've now set this to mixed to see if this stops the problem as a workaround.

I'm discounting #38551 as this happened more than once since after turning the query cache off.

We lately mved to My SQL V5.5 on Cent OS release 6.7 with master and 2 slaves.

Since then the replication process lags a lot behind the master with the line in the process list of: invalidating query cache entries (table).