Intimidating voters

03 Jul

Six generally prevent guns in polling places (Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and Texas).

Four others prohibit concealed-carry guns in polling places (Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska and South Carolina).

The cases focus on just a few hundred volunteers in a handful of states: The Arizona Democratic Party said 93 people are signed up to conduct “exit polling” with Stop the Steal, a voter-fraud-related super PAC, and the Ohio Democratic Party said “dozens” have volunteered for the same effort in their state.

In short, Trump has tasked his supporters to be “election observers” who will keep “Crooked Hillary from rigging this election” by hanging around polling places and protecting the integrity of the vote. In some states, challenges may only be from other voters registered in that precinct; some must be written; some must be filed only in certain time periods.The case was part of a flurry of courtroom efforts by the Democrats in crucial battlegrounds around the country to head off what they say is vigilantism by Trump's presidential campaign and his friend Roger Stone's political organization, Stop the Steal.Lower-level courts on Monday were weighing arguments in Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Nevada.The RNC tried and failed to have that decree lifted in the courts.Professor Rick Hasen warns that there is at least some problem holding the RNC responsible for the conduct of Trump voters acting without the RNC’s cooperation and consent.Republicans in at least one state have argued that poll watching should be expanded, not limited.All sides are seeking emergency relief, calling on judges to consider their cases in the next seven days before the election. The high court released a one-page denial, with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg noting that Ohio law already forbids voter intimidation. Supreme Court turned down a request Monday from Ohio Democrats to issue an order aimed at preventing Donald Trump's supporters from harassing or intimidating voters on election day.The Republican nominee has called on his supporters to act as election observers in certain parts of the country to help prevent fraud.That has stirred fears of minority voters being confronted and challenged by self-appointed poll watchers.