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12 Mar

If there is no entry in the platform for a listed package in this public APS Catalog, please contact the Vendor directly to obtain a copy of this class of APS packages.

To those asking Ralphus to give you a collection of the daily photos, I'll let him give his own official answer, but from people asking in the past, I'm gonna say your out of luck.

Ralphus takes the time to post those for the specific reason of having you come here everyday to see what the new one is, knowing full well that if you forgot to visit you missed the pic. Who knows, he may change his mind with the new board, but I doubt it.

Howie In response to your question regarding age of first interest in bondage...

Professor Herb Gross came to Harnett and shared with us his program as a means of simplifying mathematics instruction through self-esteem.

Our general studies teachers were convinced that this mode of learning provided additional tools to reinforce other available teaching tools.

For the first time, our instructors had the flexibility to address all levels of achievement, regardless of the diverse mathematical backgrounds of the students.

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