Gkdating com 7 beta explorer fail in internet validating

16 Apr

It lures us away from the jagged rocks of pain to the soft shores of protection.It is a great time-saver and facilitator; it might even be fun for a while.So, let’s keep this in mind when I offer my thoughts on Grouper, a self-described “social club” offering a new spin on online dating — although they never use the word “date,” and you’re hardly ever online. A “Grouper” matches one guy with one girl, and although the company takes great pains not to call the event a date, you must each find two single friends of your gender to go.

But at least this way, you can put the magnifying glass away some of the time and maintain your anonymity while still keeping track of who’s viewing You know, you can actually just set your profile to ‘browse anonymously.’ That way when you inevitably need to look at her profile again later (like right before a date and you can’t remember what she was into) it doesn’t look like you’ve been looking at her page every 5 seconds all day.

A friend of mine showed me a hack for this problem that you online daters might want.

It’s simple: just get a thumbnail zoom for your browser so you don’t have to click on the profile.

For the truly stubborn, Stickk gives you the choice of paying real money if you fail.

You set the dollar amount, as well as who gets your money.