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20 Jun

I hope this will become something like Indonesian slang dictionary: A ABG, A Be Ge, Anak Baru Gede = Teenager Ababil, ABG labil = labile teenager, immature Abang = calling older male Afgan = Sadistic, when someone hurt you, extremely low bidding Agan, gan = bro Akik = Gemstone Akik = Akika = i, me, mine Alay = overdressed, asshole, jerk, teenage douchebag (female/male) Aq, ak, akyu akoh, akooh = i, me, mine Ajib = Cool, awesome Amburadul = disorganized Amit-amit (sometimes followed by “jabang bayi”) = God forbid, Oh my God Amoy = Chinese/oriental girl Amsyong = Damn it!

Yey = You, Yours Yg (abbreviation of Yang) = is, that is Yoa = Yoi = Yup Notes: 1.

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