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06 Aug

In this game you can fly in the sky and swim in the sea and you can also enjoy the thrilling battles with millions of players worldwide PLAY GAME Ground War: Tanks is a tank-themed 3D Third-Person Shooting Game that faithfully reconstructs the distant past and brings players back to those turbulent and chaotic years.

It’s your chance to turn back the wheel of history!

PLAY GAME Inferno Legend is a downloadable MMORPG with a completely anti-traditional storyline.

You can learn various abilities and fight those humans of so-called justice along with Servitors.

Start with a heaping helping of charming personality, sprinkle a dash of delightful quirky antics, then lather the final product with a whopping dollop of sensual sweetness… A scrumptious serving of 2017 XBIZ Webstar of the Year Harriet Sugarcookie, fresh from the United Kingdom and delivered right to your computer screen.

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