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26 May

Discounts and Allowances are reductions to the selling price of goods or services.

They can be applied anywhere in the distribution channel between the manufacturer, middlemen (such as distributors, wholesalers, or retailers), and retail customer.

The earlier the store makes payment on the goods, the greater the discount.

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The first two imaging modalities provide molecular information and the third elemental information of the materials.

If you don't have a calendar that does this for you, you can use the Exact days-in-a-year calendar (excluding leap year). Let’s try the same examples using this method.

Refer to the table in the text book as you work through these examples.

de Reims Champagne-Ardenne (France) Such developments come from conservation experts in the community of cultural heritage - encompassing artworks, museum artifacts or historical monuments – for less intrusive and non-destructive tools to gain information about the subject.

Increasingly the demand is for information regarding internal structures and indications of life histories and behaviours of an object.