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29 Feb

“There are going to be moments of frustration brought on by traffic, weather delays, and the occasional mechanical problem.” Not to mention whatever issues you and your partner bring along for the ride.

While there’s no one right way to take a road trip, the following tips can help prep your relationship for the rigors of the road. It’s almost inevitable that one of you will want to tune out at times. “Quiet time is totally appropriate on a road trip,” says psychologist Terri Orbuch, Ph. “Part of being comfortable with each other is recognizing that silence is OK, and it doesn’t signal that there’s any problem with you or the relationship.” As part of your “expectations” conversation, bring up the fact that there might be times when you’ll want to pull out a book or put on your headphones.

Users start by building a profile and specifying exactly what (business, social, party, dating) and whom (age, gender, sexuality, location) they’re looking for.

Then users are suggested to update their status and let everybody around know their travel plans.

That's not usually how these bed and breakfast kind of weekends go, but a man can dream.2. It is not possible to hold a fart in for three days. Retainers, teeth whitening strips, or sleep apnea masks.

An ideal weekend away is a 72-hour sex marathon in a fancy hotel, stocked with Gatorade and energy bars to rehydrate and replenish in between. We will miss those things every moment we are not having the most fun ever.4.

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But I don’t want to lie on a beach and look at couples wrapped up in each other or, just as likely, having an argument.

Neither, though, do I feel ready to be part of an escorted tour, unless it’s somewhere really exotic.

And now there’s a new dating app specifically designed to make flights an opportunity to meet new people.

Air Dates, which bills itself as “the only in-flight dating app,” aims to make air travel an opportunity to find love—before, during and after a flight.