Dating site for mensa

02 Jan

I am referring to people who plan to use this site as a filter for their next relationship.

I a not saying that Mensa members do not have meaningful relationships, but in my opinion, if IQ is the only thing you value in a partner then you are missing out on the whole point of connecting emotionally and meaningfully with another human being.

In his eyes, worthy meant having an IQ at the very least equally impressive as his own.

He piled scorn on any of my friends or family he deemed inferior, and simply could not see their value in terms of compassion, kindness, humour, love, family values, morals, sincerity or loyalty.

In general, people with higher IQ's tend to feel entitled to love, and therefore hold extremely high standards when looking for a partner, author Ali Binazir told CNN.But, for Mensa members—with their memorized IQ scores—the dating pool just got a lot more selective.The egghead organization announced it's teaming up with to create Mensa Match.That means that you need to be a legit genius—and only 1 in 50 Americans make the cut!Dating’s tough enough; bet it’s even harder if you’re brilliant and find it really important to connect with someone who’s on the same level. This exclusivity — some might say snobbery — is part of Mensa's lore.Early Mensans in Britain walked around with yellow buttons, organizational publications once referred to non-Mensa members as "Densans," and last year, a top Mensa member and tester called anyone with an IQ of 60 a "carrot." In short, you don't always join Mensa because you think you're smart.And plus, if you’re a Mensa member and already on, you can add a badge to your profile so smarties like yourself know you’re looking for a partner with a minimum IQ. It's no mystery that there's a lot of nerdy and intelligent people here in the Hub (we're looking at you, Kendall Square). A new partnership between online dating giant and American Mensa has formed to bring the intellectual elite of our society together, and leave the rest of us to navigate the traditional bar scene on our own.Boston ranked #13 on the list of top 20, behind cities including Durham, NC, New York City, and Washington DC: So, lonely geniuses, here's your chance at love. Learn where you can take the exclusive club's entry IQ test here before you can snag a Mensa Match account.American Mensa I was wondering what ATS members think of this.