Dating she means messed up

22 Feb

but now, she's very upset by what happened that weekend and she's seeing another guy, she says she needs a break or something but i cant stop thinkin about her, ive tried to apologize to her, but it just doesnt work, is there anything you ladies could suggest to help me out?

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i dont have enough money to move closer to her, its hard to move out on your own, i live with a roomate, but i have a business im working with thats gunna change my financial future, so within a few months, ill be able to quit my job and im guna fly down to see her, and see if i can win her back if she still has a man by that time My first time hurt like hell, so maybe she thinks it will always hurt with you. If she isn't of age and out of school, then you deserve to never see her again.So, of course, the question is whether I want to stay with him, even though if we eventually married, I would have to give up on my fantasy about my ideal husband's family.I know financial disagreements are at the root of a lot of failed marriages.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...I just know that if I was with her together without leaving without having a set time frame to be with her we would live happy for as long as I can imagine. I get depressed around that time because of past family problems. We had been fighting about her and a guy friend from work. It was because I was controlling, calling her those names, and just being a selfish **** (something I realized the day after). The days following I did texted her like mad saying sorry and telling her how much I love her. Asked her to talk to me and she said there's nothing to talk about we're over. She was honest the whole relationship and I believe her about this. I've been wrong the past days with trying to fix it so I'm not sure. I've read probably around 100 things to see how I should act. That is true that they should be there for us, however they also need us to be there for them. When you said no to her prom with her friend, you just pushed her to do it. The more you were being controlling and a bad guy, the more you pushed her toward somebody else.They hung out and she never told me because she thought I would be upset. The depression came along and got worse and with it more fights and a more self centered me. I pulled some **** like "if you don't see a problem here than I think we should break up". I'm trying NC but it's incredibly hard to go from talking every day all day to nothing. The thing is that you think that her feeling went away in one day, they didn't.We are both 17 and have been involved with other people beforehand so it's not the puppy love that you get before.We have both experienced that and realized we were in love. It takes time but I'm trying everything to show I can change even though she believes I can't.She's my first love and I swear she's my true love. I've always had my insecurities and the problems that came with it (jealousy is a biggie) but she actually made me feel secure in myself. When I asked if happier than when I was down the answer wasn't really there. Hearing that was the worst because until then I was in my own world thinking that she didn't care. The reason I strongly feel that she's trying to get to me is that when I was down we went to Busch Gardens and some other places over the days. Yes I **** up and treated her terribly but the love was always around and doesn't just disappear over a few days. I messed up, took her for granted, and now I can't show or prove to her I'm sorry and changing. We tend to let things from our lives effect our relationship.We are exactly alike in the best ways and just looking into her eyes and seeing her smile ignites something inside me and makes me feel better than anything before. No matter how sad or mad she was at something I could smile and instantly she would share one with me. We weren't as happy but we promised to try our hardest and that in a few months I would be able to go to college wherever I wanted (therefor closing the distance). Having a rough relationship in the past it was hard to trust her but I did. But when the depression hit it's like that all disappeared. At this point I want to say that there was no cheating on her part. I'm almost positive it's a rebound or shes trying to get to me. We always expect the person we are with to understand and be there for us. Girls don't want to be pushed into anything, and also don't like being told what to do.